Thank you for visiting St Michael's! We are a community of faith, learning about God's love and practicing how to love our neighbor and love ourselves. We don't always get it right, and we continue to try and try and try again, working as a community to learn together. St Michael's is not just those who join together for Holy Communion - St Michael's is also, those who come together for the eight AA groups that meet in this building - and also those who join NA - and also those who come to BINGO - and also those who come to use our space for events and music - and those who bless us every Thursday as we work together to provide food for those with food insecurities - St Michael's is a community!

I believe and teach, that we are church together. "The Church" is NOT a building - or a set of laws - or forced belief system - church is the gathering of people centered on the expression of love. Gathered to share ideas and being open to listen to each other. We may not always agree, and Jesus asked us to have:

Love for ourselves - because we are beautifully and wonderfully made to be who we are and we are to love who we are, as we are. We are all shapes and sizes; we are all cultures and creeds; we are all gender identities and sexual orientations; we are all colors of the rainbow; and God said, all are good, very good!. Genesis 1:31

Love for our neighbors - Jesus showed us who our neighbors are, our neighbors are everyone we encounter in our day, in our years, in our life. Luke 10:30-37 - So, if one of us is hurting, if one of us is oppressed, if one of us is pushed out ... we are all in pain together.

Love for God - we learn together what it means to love God, in whatever name you understand God. Jesus said, that when we love ourselves, and when we love our neighbors, we are already loving God. God is love!

Jesus said, that everything in scripture - everything from the prophets and teachers - everything in creation - is centered on this one command - to love God and your neighbor, as yourself. Matthew 22:37–40

I believe like Paul said, “It’s not that I have already reached this goal or have already been made perfect, but I seek to learn love, so that I may take hold of love just as Christ grabbed hold of me in love.” (Philippians 3:12) - Believe me, I know it is hard! There are folks that are very hard to love and sometimes love is tough love, and we learn to know the difference.

Let's learn together!

I love you all!

Picture left to right: Pastor Danny, Patrick (Husband) and Carissa (daughter)

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